10 Best Benefits and Side effects of using sugar on your skin

Skin and Sugar:  Sugar is one of the common natural sweeteners. It can be used while cooking, baking, making juices, and even on the skin.

Applying sugar to the skin has a lot of beauty benefits. It can be used to remove dead skin cells, prevent acne, etc.

This compound has good benefits for your skin when used as a scrub and when added to your diet.

However, using sugar on the skin also has side effects. These effects would happen if you use sugar on the skin continuously, and they cannot be reversed.

In this article, we would explain the benefits of sugar on the skin, how to use it best, and the possible side effects.

Skin and Sugar scrubs recipes for glowing skin

The common benefit of using sugar on the skin is skin exfoliation. For effective results, this compound is best used as a scrub.

There are different recipes for sugar scrub and they yield different results. This is because additional ingredients would have different reactions with sugar on your skin.

However, here are some sugar scrub recipes that are recommended for glowing skin.

1.   Lemon scrub

Lemon is a natural skin whitener and spot remover.

A sugar scrub that contains lemon juice is a better exfoliator than a plain sugar scrub. With the lemon juice, not only would you remove dead cells from your skin, but also improve your skin glow.

To make this, mix a tablespoon of sugar with half of the juice in a lemon fruit.

2.   Green tea scrub

Green tea is widely used because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Adding green tea leaves to your sugar scrub recipe would help reduce acne, redness, and swelling of the face while you exfoliate.

To make this, add a teaspoon of green tea leaves to a teaspoon of sugar. You can add some drops of olive oil to form a paste.

3.   Turmeric scrub

Individually, turmeric has a lot of skin benefits. It is an exfoliator, it reduces acne, and tan and lightens dark circles.

If turmeric is used in a sugar scrub, the results would be very impressive.

To add turmeric to your sugar scrub recipe, add a teaspoon of sugar to a tablespoon of turmeric powder.

After applying it leave it for some time, then you can use lukewarm water to wash the yellow stains off your face.

What are the benefits of using brown sugar on your skin?

There are many benefits of using this compound on your skin. Here are some of the benefits;

●    Removes dead skin cells

This is the most popular benefit of using sugar on the skin. This compound is a natural exfoliator, as such, it removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin easily.

It is widely used more than other exfoliators because it is cheap, easy to find, and use. Also, you can add other ingredients like lemon and turmeric to get additional skin results.

●    Acts as a moisturizer

Naturally, it absorbs moisture from the area around it. If placed on the skin, the sugar crystals would absorb moisture from the environment into your skin.

A well-moisturized skin is a smooth, plumy, side, and glowing. You can achieve all this by placing some sugar on your skin.

●    Removes scars

This compound contains glycolic acid which lightens the skin and removes scars. This is one of the natural sources of glycolic acid.

Glycolic acid also controls melanin formation and lightens your skin color. If you don’t intend to make your dark skin look lighter but you want to remove some scars, you should use the sugar scrub in moderation.

●    Prevents acne

As this compound removes dead cells from your skin, it also clears your skin pores. It removes the oil, dirt, debris, etc., that are clogged in your skin pores.

This compound also hydrates the skin and fights pimple-causing bacteria with its antibacterial property.

As acne is caused by clogged pores, having clear pores would prevent acne.

●    Improve your skin glow

As this compound is been placed on the skin it removes dead skin cells, and makes room for new skin cells to grow.

The new skin would be more radiant, young, and smooth. This is because the it has moisturized the skin and removed the dirt while exfoliating the former skin cells.

Side effects of using sugar on your skin

Sugar scrub has its advantages, but if it is used excessively, it would bring negative effects on your skin.

Some of the effects of using sugar on the skin are explained below.

1.   Abrasions from exfoliating

Excessively using sugar scrubs to exfoliate your skin could cause abrasion. This is most common in soft and smooth areas, like the face and normal skin.

Sugar scrubs can be used to varying extents on dry and rough patches of the skin. For example, on the knees, heels, and elbows, sugar scrubs would barely cause abrasions.

Also, do not use sugar scrubs on skin areas that have rashes, wounds, and inflammation. It would aggravate the condition.

It is best to use mild homemade sugar scrubs, like the recipes described above. They are less abrasive than industry-made sugar scrubs.

2.   Skin sag

Although, this  compound has glycolic acid, which has anti-aging properties, if you use sugar excessively, your skin would sag after some time.

Excess of this compound, especially in diet, would cause a process called glycation. In this process, the body produces sticky compounds called advanced glycation end products (AGEs).

These sticky compounds go to tangle the collagen fibers of your skin and reduce their elasticity. As they become inelastic, the skin drops, and wrinkles form.

Sugar sag is only noticed when the collagen fibers have been grossly affected.

Are the effects of sugar on your skin reversible?

The effects of this compound on the skin, particularly skin sag, cannot be reversed. You might notice positive changes when you reduce the amount of sugar in your diet, but the skin sag would not be reversed.

This is because unlike other causes of saggy skin, this compound makes the collagen fibers cross-linked. Cross-linked fibers cannot be detangled, but lose their elasticity forever.


Minus being used as a sweetener, this compound has a lot of skin benefits. You can either use it in your diet or on your skin.

In this article, we discussed the benefits of using sugar on your skin as a scrub. We also explained the effects of excess sugar on the skin when it is applied to the skin or added to food.

There are also mild sugar scrub recipes with additional natural ingredients that have individual skin benefits. Mild homemade sugar scrubs are less abrasive than industry-made sugar scrubs.

How to make this scrub and where to apply them are important information given above.


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