Skin tags on the scrotum: Causes and treatment methods

What is a skin tags?

Skin tags are benign growths on the skin. They can grow in any part of the body, but mostly in areas that have skin folds like in the neck, eyelids, armpit, genital area, etc.

Skin tag are small in size. They can be a few millimeters or even centimeters in length.

Like a deflated balloon, skin tags are connected to your skin by a thin stalk. They are usually the same color as your skin, but with a darkened tip.

Skin tags are not cancerous, even the ones in the scrotum. They do not pose any health danger nor do they disturb the activities of the genital organ.

Skin tags on the scrotum can be confused with genital warts because of the common location. However, there are differences.

In this article, we would explain the causes of skin tag on the scrotum, how to differentiate them from warts and how to get rid of them.

Genital skin tag vs Genital warts

Skin tags on the scrotum are usually misjudged for genital warts. The differences between both of them are in the causes, appearance, color, and potential risks.

Both skin tag and warts are benign growths. Genital skin tag are caused by friction against the skin folds of the genitals while warts are caused by a sexually transmitted infection.

Genital warts are small raised bumps with a rough surface that resembles a cauliflower. Skin tag, on the other hand, are smooth and attach to the skin via a stalk.

The color of a genital skin tag is the same as the color of your skin, but with a darkened tip. However, genital warts can start as the color of your skin and later change to pink or brown.

Genital skin tags might cause discomfort but if it is removed, it is gone for good. This is different for genital warts as they cause a burning itch and can bleed if touched.

Genital warts might leave only to come back at a different spot. Sometimes, they grow very wide to cover the entire genital area.

What causes skin tags on the scrotum

The physiological cause of skin tag on the scrotum is not clear, but research studies suggest that friction might be a cause of skin tags.

Some causes of friction on the scrotum include;

●    Overweight

As you gain weight, your body mass increases and your skin becomes thicker. This increases the chances of your scrotum rubbing against your thighs as you walk.

Men that are overweight or obese have more chances of developing skin tags on their scrotum. This is due to little or no space between their thighs and scrotum especially as they walk.

You can lose weight by exercising regularly and watching what you eat. you should have a dietician and a trainer for your weight loss journey.

●    Diabetes

According to research in 2007 and 2015, people who have multiple skin tags have a risk of diabetes.

A recent study also confirmed that multiple skin tag might be a sign of high cholesterol levels in people with type 2 diabetes.

For this reason, you should report a skin tag on your scrotum to a doctor, as it might be an early indicator of diabetes.

●    Human Papillomavirus

The results from research done on males in north India showed that 48.6% of males with skin tags have low-risk HPV, specifically type 6 and 11.

HPV is a virus that is mostly transmitted during unprotected sexual intercourse. Therefore, if you notice a skin tag on your scrotum after a sexual encounter, you should consider seeing a doctor.

●    Wearing tight underwears

Wearing tight underwear would cause friction on the skin of your scrotum, which might form skin tags.

Also, using underwear that is made of rough materials might cause friction against the skin of your scrotum.

It is best to wear loose underwear that is made of soft materials- preferably cotton. This would make room for your scrotum without irritating the skin.

●    Sitting for too long

Sitting on your scrotum might increase the chances of having a skin tag on it. This is because of the friction between your scrotum and underwear as you sit for long.

If your job demands sitting for long, try taking a walk during breaks. It would be good if you also use cotton underwear if you need to sit for long.

●    Other causes

Asides from friction, skin tag might form on your scrotum as you get older and the skin becomes loose.

Also, genetics might be the reason for skin tags on your scrotum. If your fathers have had it, there is a chance that you would. Finding out if it’s caused by genetics is all up to you.

Other times, skin tags on the scrotum might happen spontaneously.

How to get rid of skin tags on your private area

Skin tags on the scrotum can be removed, but never try to remove them by yourself.

Keep in mind that if they are not removed, skin tag on the scrotum would not affect your fertility or sexual performance.

To remove skin tags that are on the scrotum, make sure the procedure is done by a medical doctor. If you or unprofessional tries to remove it, there might be;

  • Excess bleeding as you might cut a capillary mistakenly.
  • Injury to the scrotum that might lead to other complications
  • Chances of getting an infection

A medical doctor would remove the asking tags using any of these procedures;

  • Cryotherapy: This procedure involves freezing the tags with nitric oxide. After freezing, the tags would fall off unaided.
  • Excision: This minor surgical procedure entails cutting off the tag with sterilized scissors.
  • Cauterization: This entails using heat to remove the skin tag.

Disadvantages of skin tags on the scrotum

Skin tag on the scrotum are not cancerous, but they can cause discomfort in so many ways.

  • In a few cases, skin tags on the scrotum might itch. This can be very discomforting.

It might also latch while zipping your clothes might be painful.

  • During sexual activities, having skin tags on the scrotum might be embarrassing, especially if it’s large.
  • A skin tag might get infected. An infected skin tag would bleed and cause pain.


Skin tags can be anywhere even on your scrotum. This is normal and does not pose any health or infertility issues.

You can remove a skin tag at a hospital, but there are risks of infection depending on the method used.

To prevent skin tag on the scrotum, wear loose underwear to prevent friction against your scrotum, as well as other tips mentioned above.


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