Tattoo on Old Saggy Skin: 15 Factors To Consider

Do you want Tattoo on old and saggy skin?  Many people who plan to have a tattoo or already have a tattoo, are deeply concerned about how their tattoos would look when they turn old and their skins are saggy,.

How tattoos turn out when you age depends on a lot of factors. However, let’s first look at the origin of tattoos.

Tattoos started as an expression of body art by sailors in the 19th century. It was also used to remember the Jews’ holocaust and prisoners’ life decisions in the 20th century.

In the later half of the 20th century, there was a massive adoption of tattoos and by 2014, 36% of millennials had at least one tattoo.

Amidst its massive adoption, there are tales of tattoos having different appearances and meanings as you age. These tales might be true or false depending on many factors that we discuss in this article.

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Why do old tattoos look different on old and saggy skin?

Tattoos are part of your skin, and as you age, so does your tattoo. However, some tattoos act differently to aging compared to others due to certain factors.

Some factors that could make tattoos look different on your skin as you age include;

●    The quality of tattoo ink used

Just like the paint used to paint a house, if you used poor quality, the paint would look different after some years.

When the ink starts fading, the details of the tattoo would become blurry, even beyond recognition in some cases.

Although other factors contribute to tattoo fading, the quality of the ink is a major factor. Therefore, if you intend on getting a tattoo, always aim for the best quality of ink.

Examples of quality tattoo ink include; silver black ink, fusion ink, world-famous ink, intenze ink, etc.

●    Location of the tattoo

As you age, your weight reduces and your skin drops as it loses elasticity and fat layers. Some areas are affected by skin aging and sagging while others are not.

If you have a tattoo on your thighs, cleavage, bum, arm, belly, and other areas affected by weight fluctuations, it would change in size, shape, and proportion as you age.

It is best to make tattoos in areas that have less fat and are less prone to drooping in cases of weight fluctuations. Like the legs, shoulder blades, etc.

●    Level of expertise of the tattoo artist

One common mistake people make is to get a “cheap” tattoo. It might not matter then, but it would matter when your skin starts aging. Tattoo on old saggy skin must be done by experts.

A cheap tattoo artist might not get the appropriate depth for the art, amongst other important details. You won’t notice these mistakes until your older years. Tattoo on old saggy skin

For this reason, it is best to only visit well-trained tattoo artists no matter how expensive they might be.

●    Change in life’s perspective

Apart from the physical appearance, some tattoos on old and saggy skin might not conform to your present world perspective compared to your earlier years.

For this, it’s best to make tattoos from a neutral point that can be interpreted from different perspectives, even as you age.

Can an old person still get a tattoo: Tattoo on old saggy skin

 Yes. You can get a tattoo at any age. The most important thing is to be ready for the everlasting presence of the tattoo. The art has to be meaningful enough to be with you till your last day.

It is very brave and outstanding to get your first tattoo or new tattoos at an old age. Some people might interpret it as being satisfied with yourself and living a fulfilled life.

Also, there are just a few places on your body that you could tattoo at old age. This is because the skin has started sagging and might still sag as you age further.

Therefore, as stated earlier, you would have to tattoo on places that are not affected by weight fluctuation, friction, and loss of elasticity.

How to maintain tattoo on old saggy skin as you grow older

Your tattoo  on old and saggy skin can still look fresh and beautiful as you get older if you maintain it properly. Here are some maintenance tips that can help your tattoos look ever-fresh;

●    Do not expose your tattoo to sunlight

Sunlight harms tattoo ink as it degrades it and causes it to fade faster.

Jean Chen, a professional tattoo artist in Oakland, says that one of the most important maintenance tips for tattoos is to use sunscreens.

Sunscreen protects your skin, and tattoos, from direct sunlight, thereby making them last longer.

●    Avoid harsh chemicals

Harsh chemicals, like the chlorine in pool water, can cause the tattoo ink to fade out faster.

Other chemicals that can make a tattoo fade are; hydrogen peroxide, exfoliators, trichloroacetic Acid, etc. Trichloroacetic Acid can be found in pesticides, medicines, chlorinated water, etc.

●    Maintain body weight

You need a consistent body weight to have long-lasting tattoos even as you age.

When tattoos were drawn on your skin, their measurements were according to your skin size as of then. If you increase in body size, the tattoos would stretch with your skin.

They would also shrink with your skin as you decrease in body size. This is not beneficial as the tattoos would eventually lose their size, shape, and orientation.

●    Watch out for skin conditions

Sometimes, your skin might react to the tattoo ink to cause a red rash. They occur when the skin is exposed to irritants like hair dye, cosmetics, household cleaners, rubbing alcohol, perfumes, plants like poison ivy, fruits like lemons, adhesive bandages, etc.

A tattoo red rash looks like a pimple with pus inside it, and contact dermatitis is one of its causes. You can treat a tattoo rash with a cold compress, anti-itch topical creams, frequent moisturizing, and colloidal oatmeal.

●    Stay away from allergens

Allergic reactions on or around a tattoo can lead to unpleasant situations like skin flaming, swelling on or around the tattoo, itching, redness, skin nodules or tags, etc.

Tattoo-related allergies are mostly caused by the ingredients of the tattoo ink. Other times, they are caused by things that your natural skin is allergic to.

You can soothe allergic reactions on your tattoo with over-the-counter antihistamine tablets, and topical ointments like hydrocortisone and triamcinolone cream.


Tattoos might have a different look on old and saggy skin but might also have their ever-fresh look. Both possible occurrences depend on how you maintain the tattoo daily.

We explained the possible factors that can distort a tattoo as you age, and how to protect your tattoo from these factors.

Tattoos can hide skin conditions and injuries, like skin cancer. This is why you should always watch your tattoo and treat every skin condition as urgent. Tattoos on old and saggy skin is a prevalent culture .


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