10 Tips on How to Tighten Skin on the Thighs

How do you tighten skin on thighs? After significant weight loss, it is expected to have loose skin or sagging skin on the inner and outer thighs. So many people are discouraged about starting their journey to shade weight because there are limited options when it comes to tightening loose skin or sagging skin, especially on the thighs.

Some surgeries help in smoothening and tightening the loose skins on the leg to make you feel great about yourself. Loose or sagging skin on the thigh can make one feel self-conscious about his or their appearance thereby making them so uncomfortable.

Read on to discover several causes of loose skin on the thigh, and tips on how to tighten the skin.

Causes of Loose Skin on Thighs vs Tighten skin on thighs

There are quite several factors that can lead to loose or sagging skin on the thigh, but listed below are some of the most common causes of loose skin on the thigh.

● Aging

Aging is one of the most common causes of loose skin on the thighs and getting old is unavoidable. The older we get the less collagen and elastin our body produces on the skin.

Collagen and elastin are very important in keeping the skin in its natural elasticity and firmness. Elastin fibers are protein that helps the skin return to its natural elasticity while collagen is responsible for forming the structure.

● Sun Exposure

Exposure to sunlight can affect the skin on the thighs thereby making it to lose its elasticity and collagen levels. Ultraviolet radiation is a more common cause of loose skin on the thigh than aging.

This is because Ultraviolet rays from exposure to sunshine can affect the body’s DNA and mutate it. This leads to the death of premature cellular and this is responsible for the breakdown of elastin and collagen on the skin.

● Weight Loss

When one loses a lot of weight within a short time due to pregnancy or bariatric surgery, it can lead to loose skin on the thigh. This because there would be thinning of the fatty layer beneath the skin on the thigh and also stretching of the ligament.

Losing weight within a short time makes it hard for the body to recover and this can make the body not to be able to catch up with your new body except through some surgical procedures.

● Smoking

Smoking can also lead to sagging of the skin on the thigh and this is because smoking leads to premature aging. Cigarette contains a substance called nicotinech could restrain the blood vessels in the outermost layer of the skin. This makes the blood vessels narrow, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen and nutrients in the blood.

This could lead to the death of skin cells, this, in turn, affects collagen and elastin production thereby leading to loose or sagging skin.

Home Remedies for Loose Skin on the Thighs

● Usage of Hazel Witch

This is one home remedy method that can take years off someone’s skin. Hazel Witch is a plant that is quite common and can benefit the skin.

It works by shrinking itty large skin pores and also tightening the skin. Hazel witch chug can slow down the aging process. Below is a detailed procedure of how to go about it

  • Use a cotton ball
  • The cotton the ball should be soaked in a generous amount of Hazel Witch
  • It should be applied to the skin carefully
  • You could go about your daily activities with this.

#1 Use of Egg White

Egg White is a food very rich in protein and it helps in improving the elasticity of the skin. For youthful and glowing skin, egg white can make that happen. Here’s a detailed step on how to go about it

  • You could take one or two eggs and separate the egg whites
  • Ground the egg whites
  • Add a some drops of lemon juice to the egg whites.
  • Then apply it the mixture to your skin
  • Leave it for about 20-25 years
  • Then you can finally rinse with warm water.

#2 Use of Coconut Oil

Coconut is extremely helpful in restoring the skin to its youthful age. Coconut oil keeps the skin on the thigh moisturized thereby preventing malnourishment. Below are steps on how to go about it

  • Warm the coconut oil gently
  • Take some teaspoons and apply them all over your body.
  • Use 20 minutes massaging the area of concentration in a clockwise
  • It should be watched off in the morning.

#3 Soak in Epsom Salt bath

Epsom salt baths can do several things. It tightens the skin on the thighs and also gets rid of the loose skin on the thighs. Below are some of the procedures

  • For the bath, add 2 teaspoons or more of Epsom salt into the bath. It should be done in a warm water bath.
  • You should get yourself drenched In the water for 20-25 minutes
  • After soaking yourself, don’t wash your body.

–         Massage with Avocado Oil

Avocado oil helps in boosting collagen synthesis on the skin. It can keep the skin moisturized and also helps in tightening loose or saggy skin on the thighs.

Clinical Methods to Tighten Skin on Thighs.

#1 Chemical peels

The lower skin on the thigh can be removed thereby giving the skin a more youthful skin devoid of sagging and losing. After the uppermost skin peels, the skin becomes less wrinkled and smoother.

#2 Ultrasound Skin Tightening

Heat could be used to enhance collagen production. From the surface to the deep layer of the skin, ultrasound energy is transmitted.

#3 Radiofrequency Treatment

This is also a safe procedure when by heat is used to enhance the production of collagen. It is a safe form of energy transfer. It focuses mainly on the skin’s outer layer.

#4 IPL/RF Combination Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light and Radiofrequency are combined in this type of treatment. It heats both inner and outer layers to enhance collagen production which is needed for the tightening of loose skin on the thighs

#5 Neuromodulators

It is commonly referred to as Botox. Botulinum is a toxin that is injected into the skin. It is known to relax wrinkles. While this might not be the best procedure, this procedure ensures a speedy recovery time and also reduces the appearance of loose skin when injected into the body where muscle work in opposition to each other.


Having loose skin on the thigh can be problematic, but there are ways to reduce its effect.

Collagen and elastin are very important proteins and boosting the production of these proteins is a good way to reduce or minimize sagging or loss of skin on the thighs.

We can avoid smoking, tanning, and use of skin product that has harsh chemicals to prevent sagging or lose of skin on the thigh, this will ultimately help to tighten skin on thighs


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