What is Ivory Skin Tone? 15 ways to manage Ivory Skin Tone

Ivory skin tone is one of the rare and lightest skin tones. This skin tone can be very attractive or appalling, depending on how you take care of it.

The first step to having attractive skin is to know your skin tone. When you know your skin tone, you would make the right skincare decisions that’ll make your skin radiant and beautiful.

In this article, we would discuss this skin tone and how to identify it. We would also explain some skin care tips for ivory skin tone and what color of dresses look good on ivory skin tone.

What does an ivory skin tone look like?

Ivory skin is fair skin that is creamy white, just like the color of an elephant’s tusk. This skin tone is very sensitive and is prone to sunburn (it does not tan) and freckles.

Among the lightest skin tones, it tone is the darkest, alabaster is not so dark, and porcelain is the lightest.

People with this skin tone might have a blue undertone, yellow, peach, pink, or gold undertone. This skin tone is mostly seen among people in the Mediterranean countries, North America, Mid-Europe, light-skinned Caucasians, and Asians.

Ivory tone is expensive to maintain. For best results, only use products that are dermatologically tested for your skin type and skin tone. Other products outside this bracket would irritate your  skin.

This skin tone is easily confused for cream skin tone, but they are different. The difference is the yellow undertone that is more noticed in cream skin tone than in thee ivory tone. Ivory  tone looks like white dentine that has a slight touch of yellow, while cream skin tone looks like cream milk with a deep yellow undertone.


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What colors look good on Ivory skin tone

Ivory  tone is one of the lightest skin tones and as a rule of thumb, clothes with darker colors would look most attractive on this skin tone. Examples are navy blue, brown, burgundy, etc.

Apparels of light hues or soft colors would make your ivory skin look very pale and unattractive. Especially colors like white, beige, etc.

Other colors that look good with ivory  tone are light shades of orange and red, rose-red, rose-pink, apricot, peach, and light pink.

Picking the perfect jewelry for ivory skin tone depends on the underlying undertone.

For cool undertones, silver and platinum pieces of jewelry would look very attractive, while gold, copper, and brass jewelry would look more attractive for warm undertones. People with neutral undertones would look good on any jewelry.

How do I know I have ivory skin tone?

Ivory tone is the result of a combination of different undertones.

That being said, it would be quite difficult to confirm ivory skin tone with just undertones, but some of these tips might help.

●    Look out for the colors of your clothing

One easy way to identify your skin undertone and in turn, your ivory skin tone is to watch out for colors that look good on your skin.

True dark and true white apparels look perfect in people with cool undertones. While people of warm undertones look flattering with apparel that are shades of brown and off-white.

●    Check the color of your veins under natural light

This is another simple method of discerning your skin undertone that must be done under natural light for accurate results.

Once you’ve got a natural light source, like sunlight, look at the color of your veins. If it is blue, it indicates a cool undertone but if it is green, it indicates a warm undertone.

However, if you can not discern between green and blue, you have a neutral undertone.

●    How does your skin react to sunlight

After applying the tips above, you could also confirm your skin undertone by checking your skin’s reaction to sunlight.

If your skin burns easily without tanning, you most likely have a cool undertone. However, if it rarely burns but tans quickly, you probably have a warm skin undertone.

Nevertheless, some people with warm skin undertone also have ivory tone which burns easily without tanning.

Skincare tips for ivory skin tone

Ivory skin requires extreme efforts to manage it, if not it would look appalling. Here are some tips that would help you manage your ivory skin and make it look attractive.

●    Apply a broad spectrum SPF daily

Ivory skin is prone to sunburn no matter how little the amount of sunlight is. For this reason, it is best to apply sunscreen that has a high amount of SPF every day.

Even when the weather is not so sunny, still apply sunscreen before stepping out to prevent painful surprises. You might even have to apply it twice a day depending on the occurrences.

●    Let your face be natural

If you have ivory skin, one thing you need to be watchful for is skin care products that contain harsh chemicals. Harsh chemicals would irritate your sensitive ivory skin.

Also, wash your face twice every day, early in the morning and late at night before you go to bed. This would help remove any debris that might be irritating.

●    Only use self-tanning methods

If you have ivory  and you intend on tanning your skin, do not go to tanning salons or for a sun bath. These tanning methods could make your skin develop wrinkles, fine lines, and other skin blemishes quickly.

Instead, you could use self-tanning lotions to get the right degree of tan you need. This method is better as you can control the degree of tan, and it barely has side effects.

●    Use mild and soothing creams against inflammation

Ivory  tone is prone to redness due to irritations. Use calming creams that would reduce the redness and swell on the skin.

These creams should be made of gentle and mild ingredients that would reduce inflammation and redness caused by irritants.

●    Put on a hat as you go outside

After applying sunscreen, also put on a hat to protect some parts of your skin like your scalp and forehead from sunburns.

This is necessary for ivory tone as it is sensitive to UV rays from the sunlight.


Ivory tone is among the lightest skin tones. It is rare and hard to maintain, but also very attractive.

Unlike other skin tones, ivory skin tone can be seen in various skin undertones even with its characteristics.

This skin tone is very susceptible to sunburn and sensitive to irritants. As such, it is easily inflamed.

However, ivory skin tones can be very attractive especially if you use the skincare tips discussed above.

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